Liturgist Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering your help in leading worship.  Worship is the heart of our congregation and therefore should be done to the very best of our ability.  We provide this guideline as a tool to help you prepare so that worship may flow smoothly. 

The liturgist script is carefully prepared each week and will be ready for you to download from the website ( by the Friday before worship.If you have difficulties with this, contact Steven Page.


1.  There will always be a printed script at the church if you prefer to use that.



2.  Read the script through thoroughly. Look for words that are difficult to pronounce.  If you’re unable to pronounce any words  click on this link: Bible Word Pronunciation.  

When you get to the website: 

A.  Click on a letter to view Bible names and words beginning with that letter. 

B.  Click on the Name you are looking for.

C.  Click on the play button of the audio player.

Now you can breeze through those difficult Bible names.


3.  Practice reading the script aloud a few times.This shows respect for the congregation that you’re leading.


4.  Remember to remain after worship to count any contributions placed in the offering plate.  We suggest you count the offering in a private place.  After the counting leave the offering in the Computer Room and lock the door.  The offering will be pick up later by the treasurer.

Thank you, again, for your leadership in worship.

Presbyterian-Methodist Fellowship Church Council  2020